Monday, August 20, 2012

एहसासे उल्फ़त

यकरवानी इन दिलों की मोजज़ा लगता है क्यों,
यह तो फ़ितरत  है तेरी फिर जीने से डरता है क्यों।
राज़-ए-उल्फत यह है मैं तू हूँ, तेरा दम मुझमें है,
अपनी सांसें मेरी साँसों में नहीं सुनता है क्यों।।

Yak-ravaanee in dilon kee mojaza lagtaa hai kyon?
yeh to fitrat hai teree phir jeene se dartaa hai kyon?
raaz-e-ulfat yeh hai main too hoon, teraa dam mujh mein hai,
apnee saansein meree saanson mein naheen sunta hai kyon?

Why does the flowing-together of our hearts seem like a miracle to you?
It is your nature for it to be so, so why are you afraid to live life fully?
The mystery of love is that I am you and you live inside me,
Why, then, do you fail to hear the oneness of our breath?


  1. Incredibly, i know the answers for both questions:{)} Should i share the answers in plain english? i wonder, but by sharing the answer am i not giving evidence that i have i failed to hear the oneness of the breath?

    1. Sometimes, words resonate with and amplify the breath. Let u sfind out if this is one such occasion

  2. Would love to hear you say them. The oneness is here already.
    Thank you

  3. Lovely. i remember you telling me this poem in Bangalore and then too it had haunted me for an entire day. The interesting thing, of course, is that it is the word that separated us in the beginning and yet as you say it is the word we are condemned to use for uniting us...

    1. Hmmm... well.. the word may unite us.. but truly it is what sings beneath the word, what lights up beyond the Shayari.. whatit connects to inside us.. vohi hi toh hai Chittaranjan. yehi to hai Arjun... yehi hai yehi hai yehi hai rang roop..